Anti-covid security measures

ALBERGO PIETRASANTA undertakes to comply with anti-covid security measures to protect the health of our Guests and our staff.
We therefore give importance to sharing the main measures we are adopting, remaining available for any further information requested.

• All employees have received extensive training on our new COVID-19 health and safety protocols. Each staff member strictly adheres to all protective measures recommended by the relevant government agencies.

• The check-in and check-out procedures will remain unchanged, but the reception area will be delimited, not to allow close contacts with the staff.

• Upon Guests arrival, we will sanitize the luggage and room keys.

• Disinfectant gel is available at the hotel entrance.

• The interior spaces have been reorganized to facilitate social distancing of at least 1 meter and medical masks are available on request.

• The air exchange is constant through the doors and windows

• The frequency of cleaning and sanitizing operations in common areas has been increased to once every two hours, while for surfaces with a high frequency of contact, sanitation will take place continuously.

• All our cleaning products are certified for effectiveness against viruses and bacteria.

• The rooms cleaning procedure has been improved with particular attention to objects with high contact frequency present. Through a professional device that uses the principle of electrostatic induction, disinfectant solutions are distributed on all kinds of surfaces (fabrics, handles, remote controls …) in an effective and uniform manner.

• All sheets and linen are sanitized at a high temperature.